About Law-Answers


Law-Answers.com was founded by Jeremy Cama, a non- practising solicitor after 35 + years of domestic & international legal practice with some of the UK’s leading firms.

The curated legal help desk solution was born from a common enough situation. On return to the UK, Jeremy needed to solve a relatively simple red tape issue. After trawling many websites, he found multiple potential answers; the only problem was there was conflicting advice and many ranking sites were completely out of date and of no use.

Frustrated at the lack of clarity on-line, Law-Answers.com was conceived at his dining room table, while Jeremy was settling back into English life.

It has quickly developed into a utility portal that he now wants as many people to benefit from as possible. As a strong supporter of greater and easier access to the law for all, Jeremy and his team at Law-Answers.com have continued to build more utilities to supplement the core Help Desk functionality. These include a Legal Advice Hub to connect with lawyers around the country, a Legal Documents Hub to get access to a large range of legal documents and templates for business and personal use as well.


Access to law: law-Answers.com’s core purpose is to help individuals and businesses with ready access to a host of legal subjects. Lawyers provide a vital service on very many fronts. But they are not (apart from legal aid) publicly funded and obtaining advice can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. The legal profession has rightly come under increased scrutiny on its practices and been found wanting in a number areas.

Cost: While access is a key issue that Law-Answers.com addresses, it is also helps reduce the cost of being informed on legal topics. Being informed and spending time on research has a direct and material impact on whether or not legal advice is needed and, if it is, also on the cost and efficiency of obtaining that advice. The Competition and Markets Authority noted in its 2016 Report on the Legal Services Market that so-called ‘intermediaries’:

“as an information source, can diagnose the consumer’s legal issue and direct them to an appropriate provider” and can play an important role in… determining the best course of action before approaching a provider”

Our unique website is targeted at significantly improving access to, and helping our users reduce (if not eliminate) the cost of getting help with legal matters.




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