Here are some useful tips on getting legal help:

The Law – affects us in ways that we don’t always understand or appreciate, still less know about. Many of us don’t recognise a legal issue from what may seem to be a day-to-day ‘practical’ problem or a simple, but annoying, piece of ‘red-tape’. Law covers the obvious stuff from criminal acts, including road traffic offences, to how we buy or rent our homes and what labels are on our food & drink. It also has an important role in how we run our lives in areas such as healthcare, family relationships, taxation and extends to things like our privacy. Not all law is ‘bad’ or ‘intrusive’ or ‘anti-us’. Much of it is there to help and make life easier or at least more organised.

Law-Answers – If you have a legal question, use our Help Desks as your first port of call. We have designed and built them to be fast and responsive. While you look for your answers, you can check how much in legal fees you are saving yourself using our fee savings calculator. The more you browse the more you save- it’s that simple.

Legal Documents– if it’s a legal document you need, our sister website is the place to go, with hundreds of legal templates (single and bundled) for you to buy and download.

Legal advice –  We avoid thinking about getting it and, when we do, the very idea strikes fear into many of us. Worse than going to a dentist? Perhaps for some it is. Getting much improved access to law is a recognised priority. Several recent official reports, including by the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority, have drawn attention to the need to reduce these unmet legal needs. Yet there is so much that you can do for yourself before making the decision to find and consult a lawyer. And this where plays an important role. We take the hassle out answering your legal questions via our Legal Help Portal. We also know that in time you may also need to get advice from a qualified lawyer. So make finding the right legal adviser for your personal and business needs easy via our Legal Advice Hub.

Essential Actions – these are 4 essential actions to take before seeking legal advice:

  • Act Promptly – when you think you may need some legal help- delay in getting advice can be costly in the long term, so you can start by searching our Help Desks.
  • Keeping Records – having a good paper-trail makes all the difference to getting appropriate, and cost-effective legal advice, so try to keep your paper records and emails handy. Lawyers respond to their clients’ instructions. Try not to ask too many general or open-ended questions and to be as specific as you can be. If you can make up a file of emails and documents that explain your situation, it is always worth spending time doing this. Lawyers rely heavily on paperwork when they are looking into matters before giving advice. Soft copies kept on a memory stick are just as good nowadays, but remember that originals may be needed at some point, so be ready if asked. Here are some tips on documents you may need for your lawyer.
  • Legal Fees– You should assume that a lawyer will charge you for any advice, even if it is fairly basic. They are professionals and they make their money by giving advice, so be aware of asking them to do a job that you could have done by yourself. The aim of our Help Desks is to give you the head start you need. Check out our legal fees map below to see what the average rates are in your area and compare them with some everyday items and also read this more detailed information on legal fees.
  • Engaging a lawyer – Don’t take it from us, see what the Law Society says about this important step.

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