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Access to Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Business Sale & Purchase


Apprenticeships and internships: the quick guide for small businesses

Commercial Property

Letting a commercial property as Trustee


When is an employee entitled to receive their contract of employment?

Business Essentials

Dealing with Covid-19 Debt– a look at how to manage the growing business debt mountain incurred during Covid-19

Joint Ventures– a core business structure for emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic

Convertibles & Write-Offs- managing Covid-19 debt– what to do about “unsustainable debt”

Corporate recovery and insolvency– If you’re taking on new or additional debts and concerned about solvency read this guidance page

Commercial Contracts- A Guide– Owning and running a business inevitably involves commercial contracts involved- this guide helps understand them

Commercial Contracts- Structure & Content– Demystifying some of the key provisions that turn up in commercial contracts

Business Start-Up Funding– When Government Covid-19 financial support may not reach start-ups finding alternative funding options is critical

Crowd Funding Explained– The essentials of Crowdfunding and an insight to the participants, risks and platforms

Private Equity Funding– Medium to long-term finance provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high-growth unquoted companies

Venture Capital– Venture capital invests in early-stage companies with strong growth potential

Guarantees, Indemnities & Warranties– Explaining these three important legal terms for commercial contracts and businesses

Ordinary, Secured and Preferred Creditors– Loan security & how business creditors rank in their priority, including personal guarantees

Is your business ready for the New World?– How to get your business fit for the post CV-19 world

Managing Your Cash Flow– Practical hands-on business support from those with experience

Critical Operational Decisions and Actions– Guidance for taking decisions and managing change through the Covid-19 crisis

Mothballing a building– Business premises may need to temporarily closed during Covid-19

The 5 insider tips to transform your leadership in a COVID and post-COVID world– Tips to help mange the changes and challenges required from leaders

Working from home survival check-list– Helpful tips and guidance on working from home

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